Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Meditation

I realize today is a national holiday whose lore is myth and not fact. The facts that have been well researched and documented tell a story of human rights atrocities. I would never celebrate such an awful event in history.

To me this is a family day to visit with family and enjoy life together. That is what I celebrate. The external concept of thanksgiving is a wonderful concept (giving thanks) and why they attached such a beautiful concept to such an awful day in history perplexes me.

There are a couple things I want to be more thankful for.

I really want to give thanks to our ancestors worldwide. I take so many things I eat, take and use for granted. Yet everyone one of those recipes, crops, machines, designs, medicine, words, everything took generations upon generations of living people to figure out and research until they got it just right. I was looking at the ingredients in mayonaise. I would never of figured out that combination of things would taste so good. It must of taked years for people to figure out what mixes well and what doesn't to create so many food products I take for granted. I'm told elotes took years of cross pollinating to become the big ears of corn they are now. Even the house we live in took years of research to design the most simple structural knowledge and how to apply it.

Someone I never met put alot of time and effort to invent or perfect something that now I can take for granted while I live my life. I'm lucky to benefit from so many ancestral contributions in my life and enviroment.

I live in a nation with an amazing Constitution when it is enforced and respected. Not everyone has our Constitution to enact when their rights are violated. I got lucky and was born somewhere that had a impressive Constitution.

I have the health I have. I might not have perfect health but I have alot and I need to be grateful for that.

I met a woman that I'm dating that treats me very lovingly. I praise the sky for meeting her and her as a part of my life. I hope I pull my weight giving her the same.

I have family to help me. They are not perfect, but if I wasn't living at home with them I would most likely be in prison or on the streets. Although I'm reckoning with certain things from my childhood, they have a positive side that I need to be very grateful for. They could of gave up and they didn't.

I'm grateful for all relations in the universe, particularly of the earth. Other plants and life have taught humanity so much that we dont realize we originally learned from them. They actually were the first teachers and taught us. Humanity has come a long way.

Our President-elect seems to be a much needed person. Its good we have a person of color and a tru mix in power, but his character also seems solid so we got really lucky with this man.

Thats about it.