Sunday, November 23, 2008

Economic Tractor

My rabbit is unsusually energetic this morning. I dont want to get rid of her but the landlord says she has to go so I dont have much choice. I'm going in on the 12th as well and no one is going to be able to feed her while I'm serving my sentence. My max is 111 days although I doubt I will do the max. I'll still be gone long enough for her to starve to death if I try to hide her in my room though so I need to do what is best for her.

I miss my lady. She went out of town but we keep in touch so it helps.

Lately I've pondered all the gentrification taking place in my community. Real estate and rent prices have risen to amazing heights in our simple community. I think the city hall wants to make our town into a more cosmopolitan suburb type place so it has been systematically running low income people out of the town and setting prices so high that only middle class can afford to buy houses in it now. My family is lucky. We bought our house a long time ago when houses were still cheap. If we were to atttempt to buy a house here today we wouldnt of been able to afford it and would of ended up living somewhere else. So City Hall is selling us out when I really ponder it. I've seen alot of veteran residents forced to relocate out of town after living here for generations. Neighbors lost and houses put up for sale. The city hall is running the veteran residents out and replacing them with more wealthy replacement residents. City hall is selling the real community out to cater to the new community that has more wealth. I dont feel particularly represented by city hall when I see them gentrificating the real residents out of our neighborhoods. They should be protecting them, not running them out. They seem to think raising real estate costs is the way to progress and are doing it at the expense of the real community that I've seen relocate to everywhere from the Los Angeles Harbor Gateway to Victorville. Once I have to move I doubt I'll be able to afford living here anymore. I'm going to have to move to another town also. Running us out of our community doesn't seem to bother city hall. They are on a paper chase and willing to sacrifice the very people they are supposed to be serving. They will eventually succeed in making our town a nice little upscale community, but I wont be able to afford to live in it.

So much for memories... All that remains of the original community are the trees we planted and the buildings.

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