Monday, November 10, 2008

...Rising with the sun...

The sunrise seems to give me a boost of vitality. I might go to bed feeling lethargic and obsolete but the sun hits the horizon with alot of juice that I notice my body taps into. (In other words I feel more optimistic in the morning.)

The Los Angeles Times is facing some serious debts. It seems the harder I try to pinch my pennies the more bad luck I end up with financially. I just lost my car to the impound, stupid collections is billing me for bills I already paid, and now I have to serve an extended jail term for something I didnt do. (Supposedly I committed battery on a police Sergeant but in reality I got tazered by him.) I'm not too happy with how things are going at the moment, but I need to keep my spirits up.

Obama won the democratic presidential election! I cant wait until he gets sworn in. Hopefully he chooses a good cabinet for his administration. More importantly I hope he nominate more judges to the supreme court after all the neo-cons that the last president helped place there. The reach of the supreme court's judicial power is far longer reaching than the President or Congress. Luckily Obama has a favorable Congress that won the elections so hopefully they wont be stale-mating his attempts to repair everything both domestically and internationally. Having a good cabinet to keep him informed and help him will be crucial; I'm curious who he will appoint once he is in the White House.

1 semester away from a bachelors degree. I'm finally about to walk the stage and I'm only 1 decade late. I hope I get released from jail in time to still make the spring semester. I am looking into getting a teaching job for one of the school districts. I still have to take all the tests though.

My lady lost her phone. Our relationship is very frustrating. I cant visit her and I cant call her. I try to visit her at work and the staff is tripping now. Something really needs to change but the root problem lies in a decision she needs to make. I'm not too happy about the situation although she does treat me very good when we are able to see each other.

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