Monday, November 17, 2008


My car is sitting in a dirt lot and this place is still charging trumphed up daily storage fees. After it rained I had to carefully walk through the mud to avoid slipping and yet they are still charging me these exagerrated fees. My care has barely been there for a few weeks and they want over a thousand. They say if I want to sign the car over to them that I can only pay 500 but I have to pay it today. They dont offer a payment plan. You have to pay the entire 500 upfront. If you dont have 500 then you cannot sign the car over and until the lien company takes it and it goes into collections, I cannot do much but get stuck with a 1,000 + dollar bill and ruined credit when this happens. I dont understand why the impound is so ridiculously overpriced and why it costs so much to store a car in the mud (yes mud) It is so obvious that the City of Los Angeles is merely price gouging people on any little thing so that they can profit on us. I would like to sign the car over and get on a payment plan to pay the 500 but since they ironically refuse to allow us to pay through installments, I have to instead wait for the bill to go into collections in order to get a payment plan, which does me no good by then since they will be charging me the maximum fines at their ridiculously overpriced rates.

They designed this to put us into collections on purpose. We are forced to pay ridiculous fees to attempt to avoid collections but if you dont have large sums of cash laying around then you end up getting exploited by them as they double the bill sending it into collections. The system is designed to prevent us from having a fair chance so that it can profit as unscrupulously as possible. I'm on Social Security. I live on a very limited income. Yet the County and City want to over charge for every little thing as if I somehow am going to have extra money magically, doubling or tripling the bill, issuing warrants and sending it into collections when I am unable to do what is mathematically impossible.

These guys are really trying to generate revenue the wrong way. They are really hurting low income people with this revenue scheme that targets the poorest and most hurting.

I'm really losing respect for city government, county government and the State of California government. It doesn't give a damn about helping me to become a self reliant functioning member of society. If I didnt have family to live with at low rent I would be homeless because of these stupid over inflated fines. Then they would prosecute me for vagrancy. Or I could live in a bording care with my credit destroyed knowing I'm going to die there due to never being able to crawl out of the hole on an even more limited income once the bording care confiscates my SSI check.

This system is not looking out for me as much as it claims. It is crippling me instead to make a few extra bucks.

I dont know where the money is but I dont have it. The City, County and State need to send the bill to whoever is actually doing well, not low income people like myself struggling to succeed.

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